The Studio Of The Architect Mauricio Melara

You’re walking down Rua Padre Anchieta in Curitiba, and suddenly you spot it. A towering metal box suspended six meters above the ground, surrounded by the treetops. Is it a concretist spider? Nope, it’s the studio of architect Mauricio Melara, and it’s as practical as it is futuristic.

The Studio of The Architect Mauricio Melara
Fig 1: The Studio Of The Architect Mauricio Melara
©Celso Pilati/Disclosure

The lack of parking in the area led Melara and his team to come up with a unique solution: a suspended structure with a ground floor dedicated entirely to parking. The pillars were cleverly designed, maximizing parking space and creating a stunning visual effect.

View From Below The Studio
Fig 2: View From Below The Studio
©Celso Pilati/Disclosure

Inside, the studio is a flexible, modern space with lightweight walls and furniture made from reused materials. The 144m² of space is used to its full potential, with an industrial elevator connecting the levels and stairs with translucent polycarbonate walls doubling as an exhibition gallery.

The entire building is built to be as light as possible, with a modular steel structure and a roof made of thermo-acoustic tiles. Photovoltaic panels are visible from the inside, adding to the futuristic feel of the space. Even the side fences are a work of art made from cement sheets, plaster sheets, and glass frames.

The Entrance Of The Studio
Fig 4: The Entrance Of The Studio
©Celso Pilati/Disclosure

But Melara remembered the importance of integrating with the surrounding buildings. The box’s height is the perfect intermediate between the neighboring buildings, making it a seamless addition to the street. And speaking of the street, the entrance hall even features a vertical garden with automated irrigation and a jabuticaba tree in all its adult glory.

So next time you’re strolling through Curitiba, keep your eyes peeled for this modern marvel suspended in the sky.

Sketch Of The Studio
Fig 6: Sketch Of The Studio
©Mauricio Melara Arquitetura/Disclosure
Render Image Of The Studio
Fig 7: Render Image Of The Studio
©Mauricio Melara Arquitetura/Disclosure

Source: Mauricio Melara Studio

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