The Elevated PAN Steel Cabins in Norway

Picture this: an extraordinary steel frame elevated cabin perched high up in the woods, nestled amongst the trees, overlooking a stunning vista of rolling hills. The cabin boasts a sleek, modern design with large floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the outdoors in and provide panoramic views from both sides. The exterior is dark-stained, which contrasts beautifully with the slender steel frame structure.

The elevated position of the cabin provides a sense of privacy while still being within easy reach of all the activities the surrounding area offers.

A spiral staircase connected to a tiny bridge provides access to the cabin. A small living room with a fireplace, a bathroom, and a mezzanine section with a sleeping area with a double bed are all located inside.

The PAN cabins are designed by the architecture studio Espen Surnevik and won multiple awards for them.

These 8 meters elevated cabins are the epitome of modern luxury, offering a perfect blend of comfort, style, and natural beauty.

PAN Cabin by Espen Surnevik
Fig 1: PAN Cabin by Espen Surnevik
©Rasmus Norlander
PAN Cabin by Espen Surnevik
Fig 2: PAN Cabin by Espen Surnevik
©Rasmus Norlander
PAN Cabin Plan Drawing
Fig 3: PAN Cabin Plan Drawing
PAN Cabin Entrance
Fig 4: PAN Cabin Entrance
©Rasmus Norlander
A View From The PAN Cabin
Fig 5: A View From The PAN Cabin
©Rasmus Norlander
Inside The PAN Cabin
Fig 6: Inside The PAN Cabin
©Rasmus Norlander

Source: Espen Surnevik

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