Best Gifts For Steel Detailers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a steel detailer, you might have a hard time finding something that will impress them. Many steel detailers live and breathe their job, so getting them something related to steel detailing is a way to go. They are passionate people who love to geek out over the perfect gift. As a steel detailer myself, I put together a list you might find helpful if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a colleague or friend.

Whether the occasion is a work anniversary, a graduation gift for an engineering student, a birthday, or even a Christmas gift, or you are just a steel detailer and want to treat yourself with a simple gift, this guide will definitely make your shopping a little bit easier. participates in the Amazon Affiliate Program, so some external links on this page are from affiliates. Any purchase after clicking a link will result in a small monetary referral fee paid to at no cost to you. We really appreciate your support which allows us to continue running our website about steel structures and everything related.

1. Tekla Structures Desk Mat

Upgrade your Tekla Structures experience with this keyboard shortcuts Desk Mat. Have all the essential shortcuts at your fingertips, right on your desk!

For more steel related stuff like digital products, posters, apparel, etc. visit our online store:

2. Vintage Wall Art Posters

Vintage Wall Art Posters With Steel Structures

Vintage art wall posters related to steel structures can be a great gift when you are on a budget because they are available at affordable rates. They are educational and, at the same time, an excellent option for boosting up the look and feel of their room or office.

You can also request a customized size poster and create your own design with the information you like to be included.

3. 3D Lego Architecture

3D Lego Architecture

The world of LEGO has changed dramatically since its inception in the 1950s. The basic design of these bricks is so iconic that it’s been copied by toy makers worldwide. Everyone has probably played with LEGO at some point in their life. LEGO is timeless. Both kids and adults love it.

This set makes a cool gift for adults. The Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, Dubai Frame and The Dubai Fountain are featured in this architecture model kit, a charming souvenir for every steel detailer admiring these spectacular buildings. It’s a great way to boost creativity and ease the mind.

4. Books are always a great idea!

Book covers

One of the best things about engineers is their passion for learning. They love to read, which is a great way to pick up new skills and learn more about your work. That’s why a book is always a great idea.

Whether they want to learn about the structural design of steelwork, cable structures, cold-formed sections, the strength of materials or maybe bridge launching, we have compiled a list for every aspect of steel structures.

5. Mola Structural Kits

This gift is my favourite choice. Mola structural kits are interactive physical models that help you build all kinds of structures and visualize their movements and deformations of the elements. Mola parts were designed with specific materials and are connected through magnetism. There are different types of elements, from single to plane frames, space structures, and even more complex systems.

You can recreate existing structures and simulate their behaviour, or you can come up with your own unique ideas. All kits come up with workbooks full of illustrated details to instigate experimentation with engineering principles such as connections, tension members, columns, beams, frames, and trusses. Below you can see some of the models created with the mola structural kits.

Model built with Mola Structural Kit 3
Model built with Mola Structural Kit 3

This is a perfect tool for steel detailers who want to test and optimize their designs, as well as, for education purposes.

Replica of Helo Olga's House (Brazil) built with some Mola Structural Kits
Replica of Helo Olga’s House (Brazil) built with some Mola Structural Kits

6. 3D Printer

3D Printer

Every steel detailer works in 3D modeling software nowadays, like Tekla Structures, and is able to export an STL file from the model. This means that with a 3D printer, they can print a plastic-scaled version of their structure or just a part of it, maybe some connections. The printed models can be used for educational purposes or just for self-satisfaction.

3D printed steel assemblies

If you decide to buy this gift, there is an excellent explanation of the whole process of 3D printing a steel structure in a LinkedIn article written by Alexey Perezhogin. He printed a bunker model and used the finished product as a pencil stand.

3D printed bunker model

7. Laser Distance Measure Tool

Laser Distance Measure Tool

There comes a time when a steel detailer needs to go on-site to take measurements. Regular tape measures don’t work all the time as their use is limited. So a laser distance meter can be an excellent tool for this purpose. It fits inside a pocket and can take measurements up to 120m with an accuracy of ±2mm. They can also measure angles with this device and use both metric and imperial units.

8. Eiffel Tower Metal Ornaments

Eiffel Tower Metal Ornaments

The Eiffel Tower is an iconic building and an essential part of the steel structure’s development history, even though it is made of iron. It is the first example of modern architecture, and its construction is admired as an outstanding achievement by every steel detailer.
These ornaments come in different sizes and are great decor for every steel detailer’s desk.

9. Thames & Kosmos Structural Engineering Kit

Structural Engineering Kit

This structural kit is the perfect gift for a steel detailer and his kids. They can build over 20 different models, each teaching about force, load, compression, tension and more. The kit contains over 285 building pieces and includes illustrated experiment manual and assembly guide.

With knowledge of physics, building materials, and geometric shapes, they can design structures with sufficient strength and stability. They can build various types of complex models of trusses, roofs, and small buildings. Experiment with different types of bridge construction: truss bridge, arch bridge, cable bridge, cantilever bridge and suspension bridge, or build models of towering skyscrapers.

Structural Engineering Kit Models
Different Types Of Models Created With This Structural Kit

10. Travel Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Travel Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Steel detailers will often find themselves doing both office work and fieldwork. This means that they will need to be able to transport their belongings from one place to another.

This waterproof laptop backpack is a great solution for storing all the stuff they need on the field, like a laptop, notebook, safety and measurement gear, etc. It is suitable for all weathering conditions and has a large internal capacity that can be extended up to 6cm, making it perfect for carrying everything they need. Plus, its creative geometric design makes it both practical and stylish. There is also a password anti-theft lock to travel more safely and worry-free and a USB charging port for charging phones and using headsets.

11. Rocketbook Matrix Graph Notebook – Eco-Friendly Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Matrix Graph Notebook

This notebook is a game changer. Designed for everything from construction to engineering, the Matrix is equipped with reusable graph paper to boost your graphing and diagramming capabilities. Rocketbook allows users to scan and share their hand-written notes to digital services or a computer. It has 30 graph pages and a regular line page for quick note-taking. It works with any marker or highlighter for smooth writing and allows users to magically wipe the pages with a microfiber cloth to reuse them again.

12. Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter

Steel detailing is mainly an office activity. It requires sitting all day in an office chair in front of a computer. That can be harmful to the body and overall health. Being able to easily switch between sitting and standing while working will bring you many benefits, like improved focus, increased energy, and better productivity.

But instead of buying a brand new standing desk, which can be quite expensive, this stand desk converter will do the same work while looking stylish and stable even at its tallest setting. It is easily adjustable, so you can effortlessly transform your desk into a standing workstation within seconds.

13. Draftsman Collectible Handmade Metal Art Figurine

Draftsman Collectible Handmade Metal Art Figurine

Add a touch of creativity to your workspace with the DRAFTSMAN figure crafted from nuts, brazing rods, and washers. This eye-catching desk accessory not only showcases your passion for design and craftsmanship but also doubles as a distinctive trophy or a playful companion for your business cards.

The industrial charm of this meticulously crafted figure brings a unique flair to your desk, making it a conversation starter and a focal point of your workspace.

14. Nutcase Metal Brainteaser Puzzle

Nutcase Metal Brainteaser Puzzle

Embark on a brain-teasing adventure that combines creativity with engineering knowledge. Perfect puzzle for steel detailers. The challenge is to take the puzzle apart and put it back together.

Feel the pain of the steel erectors from the comfort of your home 🙂👷

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